Touring the South of England


We have put together a few tours to discover southern England on a holiday:

  • Tour 1 – South of England in a glance

    This tour is a comprehensive entry-level tour to discover as much of southern England as possible. It runs through almost all of southern England from East Sussex to Cornwall and offers a first-class view of this beautiful country.

    The Seven Sisters (East Sussex)

    The Seven Sisters in East Sussex

  • Tour 2 -The West of Southern England

    The south-west is much more than Cornwall. Here we visit Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Hampshire with beautiful coastal towns, impressive towns and mansions and devote a lot of time to the two moors – the Dartmoor and the Exmoor.

    The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway on the road in the hills of the Exmoor

  • Tour 3 – The East of Southern England

    The south-east is, of course, mainly Kent, the “Garden of England” and East & West Sussex. It is the region of the most magnificent gardens and the variety of mansions due to its proximity to London. But it’s also glamorous seaside resorts like Brighton and Eastbourne, or medieval places like Rye, that have a great appeal.

    The Post Office of Arundel

    The Post Office of Arundel

  • Tour 4 – The Isle of Wight and the New Forest

    This is a tour for advanced riders – we don’t recommend it as the first tour in the south of England. For a whole week we go to the offshore sunny island “Isle of Wight” (near Portsmouth or Southampton) and then into the wonderful landscape of the New Forest (an ancient forest).

    on the Isle of Wight

  • Tour 5 – Cornwall

    For many tourists, Cornwall is the epitome of southern England. It is a very special part of the country with a magnificent landscape and delightful coastal towns.
    The Achitektur Conwall is peculiar, so is its history. Even the once extinct Cornish language is brought back to life. So it is a visit between yesterday and today with a lot of tradition and history, some tourist hot spots and many very quiet corners. Definitely an area for individualists and self-discoverers!

    Morning at Kynance Cove, Cornwall

    Morning at Kynance Cove, Cornwall

  • Tour 6 – The Cotswolds

    Another tour for multi-explorers: The Cotswolds are often referred to as the “heart of England” – a hilly landscape with very lovely small towns that runs from southwest to north-east through six counties.

    Of the landlord of all pride is the correctly cut hedge!

    Of the landlord of all pride is the correctly cut hedge!

Each of these tours is attached as a map with the most important places.

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