Oxford (Oxfordshire)

Oxford - View of the city from the church tower

Oxford – View of the city from the church tower

Oxford is perhaps the best-known university city of all (alongside its great rival Cambridge, of course). Only about 90 km from London in a northwesterly direction, it is a typically nice student town with lively life and a lot of atmosphere.

Oxford Radcliffe Camera - now reading room for the students

Oxford Radcliffe Camera – now reading room for the students

However, Oxford is something very special in terms of the university: Oxford University consists of 38 colleges and 6 “permanently private halls” – the latter run by religious foundations.

All students and faculty must be from one of the colleges and PPHs. The course itself is divided – the general courses and class-like learning take place in the colleges and PPHs, while major lectures, laboratory work and the examinations are the responsibility of the university proper.

This also includes the central library and the historic reading room in the “Radcliffe Camera“, which is only accessible to students.

We have documented what one of the typical old dining rooms looks like – but unfortunately Harry Potter wasn’t there at the time.

But of course Oxford is not just a pure student city, it also has a surprising amount of industry and “normal” life. The “Covered Market” is also very nice. A little tip: ‘Bens Cookies‘ – delicious homemade biscuits to die for!

More info: Oxford University website and Website of the city of Oyford

Oxford - in the city centre

Oxford – in the city centre

Oxford (Oxfordshire) - All Souls College

Oxford (Oxfordshire) – All Souls College

Oxford - Covered Market

Oxford – Covered Market

Of course, little things like the coat of arms of the college are also very important, which is reflected in a very simplified form on the scarves and the oars of the boat crews (the annual rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge is legendary).

But not only there – a simplified coat of arms can even be found on the teacups of the colleges.

Oxford - Teetasse mit College-Wappen

Oxford – Teetasse mit College-Wappen

As a little appetizer, the University of Oxford from above:


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