Pubs in Southern England

in the old part of the OLD INN in Widecombe-in-the-Moor

in the old part of the OLD INN in Widecombe-in-the-Moor

England is the country of the pubs, the “public houses” – beautiful, mostly ancient places, where one may delightfully spend the rainy days of the great british summer or the whole evening. You can eat also in most pubs, but there are some differences:

In many (usually simpler) pubs, “pub crub” is offered. That is simple food such as burgers & co,  more calorie-containing and shall support the drinking.
In the “gastro pubs” (ask carefully for this!) there are often really upscale and sophisticated dishes that make a lot of fun. These are the pubs that we prefer and recommend. Gastro-pub does not mean that the places are less age or not comfortable, on the contrary. Usually they have a separate guest room to the food and service at the table. You don’t know that before but usually, therefore, each entering a new pub is exciting: how is it handled here?

Small practice tip from us: coming just look around whether there is a separate guest room. If so, this is a clear signal for service. But always make your first walk to the bar and select from the large selection of tapped offered beers and ciders. Should you know none, just chat with the “Patron” (bartender) and find out your favorite. Almost everywhere you get some trials and can find the perfect drink for you – but don’t forget to order a “pint” of 0,568 litres (the large glass).
Once you have the drink ask how it is going on with the food. Either it is referenced directly to a waiter (take your drinks with you!) or you get the menu and have open seating. If the waiter seats you, food can be ordered by him. Otherweise you search your place, choose the food from the menu and order and paid for it at the bar. You get usually a painted wooden spoon or something similar to be draped on your table. So the find find you when the food comes from the kitchen. Then there is no more service, but for this you can sit undisturbed for hours.

Here a (very) small selection of venues, which we positive noticed on our trips.

Of course, there are infinitely many other pubs and the herein are intended to represent only a few examples.

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